Friday, August 6, 2010

West Side Story - 60 Days of Summer Day 29

With the forecast for wind to remain a feature of the current weather pattern for the foreseeable future, my painful foot and an unluckily placed cut (sustained on my finger while opening the peanut butter pretzel jar) I decided to make the hard decision to give windsurfing a rest for the day and let my body recover a bit. I have not been able to push it this week because of pain and I want to get back on track. I am confident that a day of rest will do the world of good and I will be back for the weekend. A day off windsurfing didn’t mean a full day out of the water and we once again packed our things and headed to the west side to catch a few waves.

This angle was ok but later I angled it up further towards the sun and that was better. You can clearly see the moisture strips and the leash, I have added a loop with kite line to the board so that it is easier to attach the camera safety leash, be sure to tidy up any loose lines and these can easlily mess up a good shot.

The GoPro Surf Hero set up I used today and positioning on the board. The stick on pads are great and it is so easy to attatch the board and or swap with your friends while on the water if they have a surf hero mount, I am going to get them for all my surfboards and would love to try mounting on a windsurf board but I am worried that I will smash it off with the rig.

While the waves were smaller and bumpier than yesterday it was again great to be out on the water enjoying some summer time treats. I managed to set the camera up better today and as a result got some better pictures.

Riding bubbles!

I love spray and water droplets in pictures.

The waves were small but super fun and there were not too many people about and the weather was perfect and you can see!

Happy to be on the water!

I need more speed, someone give me a paddle!

I really like this shot, would be good with another surfer in the background.

You might ask why I took a rest but still went surfing, well the plasters (Band Aids for the US readers) I am using are so good that they stay on and protect even in the water especially when combined with New Skin. The problem with sailing is that they only stay on so long and then the straps have been rubbing and making my gash worse.
These are the best plasters (band aids) I have ever used.

As the day draws to a close I look forward to having some friends over for curry and relaxing with a beer. I do feel ready to get back on the water tomorrow and hope that there are some waves left. If it is flat I plan on going SUPing and/or working on some freestyle moves. In any event I recon that tomorrow will be lots of fun and I look forward to reporting back in due course. I must remember to pick up the sander from Colin and get working on the speed board, the Maui VMAX Speed event is coming up very soon.

Sailing record = 93% (26/28 days)

On water record = 96% (27/28 days)

Pic of the day

I chose this as the pic of the day just because it made me laugh when I saw it, I look so funny!

More to follow…

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