Tuesday, August 10, 2010

An Ezzy Day - 60 Days of Summer Days 32

The wind REALLY picked up today and with the tide high during the middle of the day I opted like many others to try and sail later in the hope that the conditions would be at their best sometime after 3pm. I watched from the railing for a while and it was clear that Graham was really up for it and putting everything into the only so so at best conditions. My only guess is that he like me has the thought in the back of him mind of getting on that plane soon and saying goodbye to home for a few more months. After watching 10 minutes of super-charged Ezzy I guessed that the conditions were better than they looked. I was a little puzzled about sail size but opted for a 4.5m. Upon hitting the water it was clear that my sail choice was wrong however I think that every sail size would have been wrong in the super shifty and gusty conditions. At times I could hardly get going and at others I couldn’t hook in, add to this a sloppy choppy mess on the reef didn’t make for good sailing on my behalf. I feel sorry for Jimmie who watched us all patiently from the hill with bated breathe; with the hope that someone would do something worthy of a picture. From what I saw it was only Graham who actually put anything consistent together, Kai came out for a brief period and nailed a lovely pushloop-table top but not much else. Late in the day the wind steadied and the waves started to break a little cleaner on the reef so fingers are crossed for the next few days.

Graham Ezzy made by far the most out of the poor conditions today.

Despite the poor conditions I had some fun, it was great to be back on the water and in no real pain, even though I hadn’t managed much more than a few forwards, crashed backs and a pushy I would have stayed out much longer but the increasingly fickle wind encouraged me to pack up and grab a beer.

Sailing record = 90% (28/31)
On water = 94% (29/31)

More to follow…

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