Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sunny Sessions - 60 Days of Summer Day 39

The lighter than normal summer winds seem to be holding at the moment and again I was surprised if more prepared when I arrived at the beach. I rigged 5.0m at first and that was fine but it was clear that the wind was on the way down so it wasn’t long before I changed to a 5.6m. I was a little quicker to change in the knowledge that I had a 2011 5.6m Hot Sails Bolt in the car and hadn’t really had much chance to try it out before and was really keen to see how it worked. I really love the increased stability which will be great in the waves when I get hold of the smaller sizes. It feels like it has all the best bits of the Fire with the weight of the Bolt and the softness of the Smack. Think that it'll be killer and I really want a full set but unfortunately there are none available so I'll have to wait...

Old School Fun: Nice bit of Photoshop from Jimmie.

Taking the new 2011 Bolt for a spin.

To be fair the sailing was not much to write about but egged on by Jimmie and Colin I stayed out for quite a while and was just having fun even though the conditions were not epic. You can’t beat being in the water on a sunny day and even on these days when the conditions are not great I love the fact there is always a bunch of people just having a ball.

Stoked on life...

Hopefully the wind will be better for Jimmie’s Jumpfest later in the week.

Sailing record = 87% (33/38)

On Water record = 92% (35/38)

More to follow…

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