Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bring on the weekend - could this be the weekend for Bird Island?

Normally we work on Sunday's so you can imagine how pleased I was to see this forecast in light of our Labour Day holiday on Monday... thinking boat trip to Bird Island.

Fingers crossed, Bird could be fun!

More to follow...

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Why do I SUCK at freestyle?

Today's session once again made me ponder why I SUCK SO BAD at freestyle. I am not sure if it a lack of desire, a lack of ability, the wrong gear, or something else. There is one thing for sure the harder I try the worse it seems to get. I have watched videos, visualised moves and tried it on the water but nothing seems to work. I am a little puzzled and wonder if I should burn all my gear and take up knitting instead.

Just think, all that polystyrene would make a nice bombfire at the the beach, imagine how good the toasted marshmellows would be!

So back to the drawing board, time to think... I hope I come up with someting.

On more positive note the training at the gym has been good and I have been using a new GPS (thanks to Andy) which is really great for running and biking although it is getting a bit too hot now outside to run.

More to follow...

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Great to on the water - nice swim home

After having 2 weeks off from work with no wind is it typcial that the day I go back its windy? Luckily I managed to get back for a 30 minute session. It was rather different than normal with a more cross shore wind which produced a much better set up. The only problem being that when the wind swung more offshore and dropped I was rather stranded. Luckily I wasn't to far from home and I managed to swim back with my gear, rather glad I wasn't in the channel as 5 minutes later a few tugs were dragging in a massive tanker, would not have been fun swimming around with that in the water.

Would have been perfect for speed today, just wish the gear wasn't stuck in the UK.

More to follow...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Analyse your ride

Could this be the coolest bit of kit available (well pre-order only at the moment)? How better to analyse your performance than with a 3D GPS device bolted to your board? The only issue I see is that of the cost at $500 they are not cheap.

The Shadow Box - the 3D GPS logger -

Not sure I will be rushing to buy one, need more kit and airfairs but fingers crossed one will show up on my doorstep!

More to follow...

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Light wind speed challenge - Results from Hawaii

It didn't take long for Tom to take back the top spot in the rankings. Andy now has his new gear all ready for action but unfortunately I was unable to bring any gear back from the UK so my assault of the ladder has been delayed somewhat.

With a max speed of 26.4knots and a 100m run of 25.63knots Tom takes control.

Tom was using his 8.8m 2010 GPS, Starboard Futura 122 and rather less neoprene than Andy!

Light Wind Speed Ladder (as of 10th April)

1st Tom       25.63 knots
2nd Andy    25. 33 knots
3rd Chris     no postings

More to follow...

Monday, April 5, 2010

Light wind speed challenge - Results

The wind picked up this afterboon and with the air temp touchhing 10C Andy had his first run out on his new GPS sails today. There wasn't time to get to the coast but he has a lake nearby to the house (about a 5min drive) so we threw his gear in the car and rushed to the water. Andy logs the first speed and kicks off the challenge.

25.328 knots (best 10 second run)

That water looks cold

The wind was gusty between 7 and 13 knots.

8.0m GPS, 125ltr Exocet, 42cm Select Fin and lots of neoprene!

Session over and a bit of blue sky

More to follow...

A visit to the seaside - UK STYLE

Liz and I are in the UK for a few days without kit but we did take a trip to see the sea. It was in fact Liz's first view of the cold UK waters. The cold air and water brought back some memories for me!

Cold Whitstable sea front

Liz enjoying some cockles and winkles!

Great British sea food!

Tom we were thinking of you...

And wish we could bring you some of these delights!

Whitstable, famous for Oysters.

More to follow...