Thursday, September 16, 2010

Vintage TWIN fin

This is what I came across this morning while looking for a new slalom board. You'll see from the discription that this is a TWINZER!

In action!

Removable TWIN fins!

With a starting price of £19.99 what a bargain! According to the description it is so stable it doesn't need footstraps!  

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Monday, September 13, 2010

F-Hot GoPro Mast Mount

Having spent many hours of my youth at the F-Hot factory which was near my childhood home in Essex it is great to see them thrust back into the limelight. I have not yet seen one of the mounts in person, it is a bit harder to get to the factory these days but I will be for sure contacting Steve and getting one of these beauties sent out. I love the idea that it rotates round the mast so that you don't have to turn the camera off it just keeps filming on the new tack.

More Windsurfing Videos

Made from carbon the mount is lighter than the camera. I would like to see more adjustment options so that you can point the camera exactlty where you want but I will have to wait to test before I can criticize in any way.

For more info check out the F-HOT website.

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Hot Sails 2011 Wave Collection

Want to know more about the sails that I'll be riding for 2011 then check out this e-catelog which has just been released from Hot Sails.

And here's me testing out the Bolt 2011 during the summer. I was really pleased with the increased stability which helped to improve both riding and jumping.

I can't wait to get my hands on a full set of the new sails.

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Have Starboard Gone Mad?

Watch the video then leave a comment below.

I look forward to seeing your comments!

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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Cut 'n' Stitch Video

I came across this neat  video today and wanted to share it with a wider audience. With all the hype that follows the big sail brands these days it is great to see that there is a small team keeping it real in deepest darkest Cornwall.

Wanna know more check out the Ross Windsurf website.

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Sunday, September 5, 2010


The offical JUMPFEST Results and Reflections article has now been published on, check out the full article which looks into the contest results and considers whether the US should try to mirror the UK's wave and slalom circuits.

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Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Start of Something New - 60 Days of Summer Days 55

As I rode my last wave yesterday I knew in my heart that would be it for me. Today we have to pack and get ready for the long journey back to our other home on the Amwaj Islands, Bahrain. Stuffing all of our things in boxes is always a little bit traumatic but over the years I guess we have gotten used to it but that doesn’t mean it is easy. Clearly my gear feels the same way and in a final act of defiance my slalom board decided to choose today to balloon up in the sun just as I was about to remove the air plug. In the knowledge that I would not take a wrecked board with me the 125ltr Exocet clearly decided that drastic measures were needed if he was to get to stay in paradise.

The Exocet in action, before it decided to desert me! Really gutted as I was hoping to use in Bahrain to great effect! Guess I'd better get myself on ebay and see what I can pick up.

We now have a 33 hour door to door journey to enjoy and it will be Friday and Day #57 before we get back. So I must leave you now as I have some more things to pack! ... ...  As we drove to OGG I glanced at the clock and realised that exactly 15 years ago to the minute when as an 18 year old full of excitement I arrived on the island for the very first time, and I must admit that there were a few tears in my eyes. Liz reminded me that this would be the last time that we would be leaving and in 15 years time we would be able to look back and remember the last time we had to leave our precious and wonderful home.

When I get back we will have about 30 hours before we have to leave for work but the 60 Days of Summer will continue until fully complete. Fingers are already crossed that it will be windy when we arrive back in Bahrain and I will be hoping to get out on Day #58, if not it’ll be time for a long swim or paddle. Once the project is complete I will be taking a step back for a little while but will be posting whenever there is something interesting to report. I will also continue to write for so look out for some fun things there. It will not be long and I will be back with a new project, I have a few ideas so stay tuned.

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Friday, September 3, 2010

My Inspiration Way Back When - 60 Days of Summer

I found this on YouTube and want to share. I had a VHS tape in terrible condition that had these videos and a few others. They were my initial inspiration to chase waves all the way to Hawaii.

I watched this time and time again between the ages of 5 and 18.

Robby Naish Worldchampionship Scheveningen 1983

Sylt 1983

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South Side Ride & Head Cam Ho’okipa - 60 Days of Summer Day 54

Liz and I started the day with a 23km ride from Wailea to La Perouse and back. After so much riding on the windy north shore it was great to have less of a battle and be able to check out some different scenery for a change. It was hot and I cannot explain just how good it was to dive into the cool Pacific afterwards.

How amazing it felt to be in the cool Pacific waters after a hot ride.

On the north shore the wind was back to full strength today and it is amazing how much better small waves can look when you have some power to boost. With small waves I chose to sail maxed out and opted for a 5.0m and strapped on the head cam to shoot some stills and clips so that I could share the experience here.

Not a special moment of action, I just liked this shot.

Again nothing special about the action but love the photo. The whole point of mounting the camera to yourself or your gear is so others can see what it is like and that is one reason I like this picrure it just captures windsurfing.

Mid way through a high spock (which I didn't complete!) on the outside.

Gazing at the sun midway through a backloop.

On the way down, time to spot the landing.

The view from above, this is what it looks like when you are 20 foot up and rotating through a forward. The pic doesnt look like much but enlarge it and look a little closer.

I will edit some video soon but for now here is some unedited stuff from today's action.

Over rotated this one!

I had such a fun session with tons of jumping, a few slashes and just a few friends out.

Sailing record: 85% 45/53

On Water Record: 89% 47/53

More to follow

Windy Surf and Jumpfest Results - 60 Days of Summer Day 53

Following a few less than optimal surf missions I decided to make an attempt at catching Ho’okipa without too much wind early on. Despite being on the water by 8am the wind was already on the up and the left overs were not really epic. I caught a small bunch of waves on the 8’0” and got some exercise and was certainly much more fun than running!

I arrived later in the day of my windsurf segment and again it was far from the best session of the summer season but these are the days that you just have to work at it and get what you can, a few waves, a few jumps and it was time to call it a day.


The voting closed on Sunday night (HST) and I am pleased to announce that the winners were:

Pro Men – Graham Ezzy

Am Men – Olaf

Girls – Tamara

Funnies – Tom Hammerton

Graham's winner! Contact Jimmie if you would like to purchase a print.

A full report and more pictures will be on soon. Congrats to the winners who all now receive a mounted print of their winning shot courtesy of Jimmie Hepp, I have seen them and they look fantastic and you really should consider ordering one for yourself! I hear that Tom has a good idea of what to do with his but I will save that for another post!

Sailing record: 85% 44/52

On Water Record: 88% 46/52

More to follow...