Friday, September 3, 2010

South Side Ride & Head Cam Ho’okipa - 60 Days of Summer Day 54

Liz and I started the day with a 23km ride from Wailea to La Perouse and back. After so much riding on the windy north shore it was great to have less of a battle and be able to check out some different scenery for a change. It was hot and I cannot explain just how good it was to dive into the cool Pacific afterwards.

How amazing it felt to be in the cool Pacific waters after a hot ride.

On the north shore the wind was back to full strength today and it is amazing how much better small waves can look when you have some power to boost. With small waves I chose to sail maxed out and opted for a 5.0m and strapped on the head cam to shoot some stills and clips so that I could share the experience here.

Not a special moment of action, I just liked this shot.

Again nothing special about the action but love the photo. The whole point of mounting the camera to yourself or your gear is so others can see what it is like and that is one reason I like this picrure it just captures windsurfing.

Mid way through a high spock (which I didn't complete!) on the outside.

Gazing at the sun midway through a backloop.

On the way down, time to spot the landing.

The view from above, this is what it looks like when you are 20 foot up and rotating through a forward. The pic doesnt look like much but enlarge it and look a little closer.

I will edit some video soon but for now here is some unedited stuff from today's action.

Over rotated this one!

I had such a fun session with tons of jumping, a few slashes and just a few friends out.

Sailing record: 85% 45/53

On Water Record: 89% 47/53

More to follow

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