Monday, September 13, 2010

F-Hot GoPro Mast Mount

Having spent many hours of my youth at the F-Hot factory which was near my childhood home in Essex it is great to see them thrust back into the limelight. I have not yet seen one of the mounts in person, it is a bit harder to get to the factory these days but I will be for sure contacting Steve and getting one of these beauties sent out. I love the idea that it rotates round the mast so that you don't have to turn the camera off it just keeps filming on the new tack.

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Made from carbon the mount is lighter than the camera. I would like to see more adjustment options so that you can point the camera exactlty where you want but I will have to wait to test before I can criticize in any way.

For more info check out the F-HOT website.

More to follow....

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