Sunday, August 23, 2009

How hard can it be to fly a kite?

10 knots of wind picked up this afternoon as promised by Windfinfer which was perfect for my friend who has just taken up kiting and I have been helping (or more like hindering I am sure) him this afternoon. Who needs lessons? Well aparently US! All was going well, we managed to set up the kite, Carl almost got the kite flying but we tried to launch too far downwind and and as the leading edge dragged on the rocky ground it ran over a piece of wood with a lovely nail sticking out of it! Now his kite needs a repair, luckily that seems cheap enough as I found patches online for $2.50, but the session was brough to a swift end. Fingers crossed he'll be up and flying again tomorrow if we can find the patches here.  Tom wish you were here to help.
$2.50 a patch, I wonder how many we'll need?

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Amwaj Islands Speed Course

It was not until this summer that I tried out one of Tom's GPS units during one of the Maui VMAX events . As I only had my wave set up (Tabou Da Curve 73 Twin Fin & 5.3 HSM Fire) that's what I used. I was pleased with my initial results and managed 29.5 (100m) on a speed trip to Molokai with Tom. Speed sailing on wave kit is an interesting and a not very fast concept but it was so much fun. Not satisfied with seeing how fast the wave board would go I thought that it was about time I revisited slalom gear for the first time in 14 years (I gave up racing when I was 18).

I was pleased with my 33.2 knots using a borrowed Hi-Tech 8'10" and 2010 HSM GPS 6m but I want to go faster. I realized that I had a speed course right on my door step (even sailable at night if that’s when the wind comes).

On a big high tide the wall that surrounds our island is only 12 inches high and the water inside perfectly flat. I realized that the areas we have been using for wakeboarding are in fact possible speed venues.

So we have the course, now all I need is some gear and some wind. As the wind rarely gets over 25 knots I will need to get some biggish gear which I should be able to hold on to when it gets windy as the water will still be perfectly flat.

Updates to follow...

Friday, August 21, 2009

Back on Land

We have been making a few changes to our Facebook pressence in recent days to improve what we offer our loyal customers. These changes are summarized below.

1) The HotSails Maui FB profile has been renamed to HotSails Maui Photos; this is the place for you to tag yourself and your friends using HOT products.

2) We will be using the new Hot Sails Maui FB Page as a channel for official HOT announcements, customer feedback, rider and product news etc. Using this will enable us to develop what we have on offer and enhance your online experience. Along with many other ideas we plan to develop a Facebook store which will give followers privileged access to special offers, promotions etc. More details of these features will be released soon.


We ask all of our loyal fans, customers and supporters to **LIKE** our new FB Page and remain friends with us on the HotSails Maui Photos Profile. You can use the application below to easily like our page now and we encourage you to stay tuned and watch the development in the coming weeks and months.

We are always interested in your feedback so if you have any comments please do not hesitate to get in touch via Email or the Forum.  

We hope that you will be pleased with these developments.


Hot Sails Maui

Monday, August 17, 2009

The (Ending) Summer

As we pack half of our stuff in boxes to leave in Maui and half of our stuff into bags to take the 11,000 or so miles back to Bahrain I thought it was about time to write my first post to this new blog which will be dedicated to wind and waves. Unfortunately the summer is drawing to a close and that means only one thing for Liz and myself - Work and not enough water. But for now I want to list as many of the best things as I can remember from our summer on the island;

1) Picking Liz up from the airport
2) K-day (a big shout out to Po and Kika)
3) Surfing on Liz's 8'0"
4) 2 Maui Vmax speed events, 33.2 knots using slalom gear for the first time since 1995
5) Molokai speed day (except the ferry ride home) with Tom
6) GoPro wide angle headcam
7) Our wonderful Sprecks house
8) Nadia
9) Getting hyped for the hurricane - that never came
10) SUP and south side surf

Now for some pics;


A couple of quick videos I made with Tom's Gro Pro Wide Angle and head mount.

Looking forward to using it in some bigger surf.