Saturday, August 22, 2009

Amwaj Islands Speed Course

It was not until this summer that I tried out one of Tom's GPS units during one of the Maui VMAX events . As I only had my wave set up (Tabou Da Curve 73 Twin Fin & 5.3 HSM Fire) that's what I used. I was pleased with my initial results and managed 29.5 (100m) on a speed trip to Molokai with Tom. Speed sailing on wave kit is an interesting and a not very fast concept but it was so much fun. Not satisfied with seeing how fast the wave board would go I thought that it was about time I revisited slalom gear for the first time in 14 years (I gave up racing when I was 18).

I was pleased with my 33.2 knots using a borrowed Hi-Tech 8'10" and 2010 HSM GPS 6m but I want to go faster. I realized that I had a speed course right on my door step (even sailable at night if that’s when the wind comes).

On a big high tide the wall that surrounds our island is only 12 inches high and the water inside perfectly flat. I realized that the areas we have been using for wakeboarding are in fact possible speed venues.

So we have the course, now all I need is some gear and some wind. As the wind rarely gets over 25 knots I will need to get some biggish gear which I should be able to hold on to when it gets windy as the water will still be perfectly flat.

Updates to follow...

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