Monday, August 17, 2009

The (Ending) Summer

As we pack half of our stuff in boxes to leave in Maui and half of our stuff into bags to take the 11,000 or so miles back to Bahrain I thought it was about time to write my first post to this new blog which will be dedicated to wind and waves. Unfortunately the summer is drawing to a close and that means only one thing for Liz and myself - Work and not enough water. But for now I want to list as many of the best things as I can remember from our summer on the island;

1) Picking Liz up from the airport
2) K-day (a big shout out to Po and Kika)
3) Surfing on Liz's 8'0"
4) 2 Maui Vmax speed events, 33.2 knots using slalom gear for the first time since 1995
5) Molokai speed day (except the ferry ride home) with Tom
6) GoPro wide angle headcam
7) Our wonderful Sprecks house
8) Nadia
9) Getting hyped for the hurricane - that never came
10) SUP and south side surf

Now for some pics;


A couple of quick videos I made with Tom's Gro Pro Wide Angle and head mount.

Looking forward to using it in some bigger surf.


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