Sunday, August 23, 2009

How hard can it be to fly a kite?

10 knots of wind picked up this afternoon as promised by Windfinfer which was perfect for my friend who has just taken up kiting and I have been helping (or more like hindering I am sure) him this afternoon. Who needs lessons? Well aparently US! All was going well, we managed to set up the kite, Carl almost got the kite flying but we tried to launch too far downwind and and as the leading edge dragged on the rocky ground it ran over a piece of wood with a lovely nail sticking out of it! Now his kite needs a repair, luckily that seems cheap enough as I found patches online for $2.50, but the session was brough to a swift end. Fingers crossed he'll be up and flying again tomorrow if we can find the patches here.  Tom wish you were here to help.
$2.50 a patch, I wonder how many we'll need?

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