Saturday, October 31, 2009

Will it ever be windy again?

20 second period, huge swell on the way for Maui but nothing here! Has been a rather quiet month with no wind or action to speak of.

The Formula 2 World Powerboat racing did come to Amwaj which was interesting, the only problem is as crowds (ok some people) lined the shoreline not all of the boats had made it through customs and the race was delayed until everyone had gone back to work the next day.

So it is fingers crossed for some wind before the water gets cold - not that it ever gets that cold but full suit is the norm for Jan-Mar.

More to follow...

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Windless Bahrain

Well another week passes without wind and the windfinder forecast show none on the way... Time for SUP

Umm I don't have a SUP! On the plus side my foot is much better and have been back in the gym and running a bit.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Wind, Water, Dredgers and Sharp Rocks

After what was starting to feel like an age since it had been windy, my friend even asked the other day if I still windsurfed, I had to pause for a second before answering as I knew that I had not been back on the water since arriving back in the Gulf.

Despite not too much wind it was great to be on the water with lovely 35C air and 30C water.

Lots of boats around at the moment and spent much of my time weaving between the Noon Island pictured above (a 106 m dredger) and its sister ship Reem Island which were both at anchor. Its always a little odd being so close to such huge ships, they are fine so long as they are not moving but when they are coming in or setting off to sea it can be rather interesting!

Gutted that on the way back to shore I snagged my foot on a rock and I think I now only have 4 1/2 toes on my right foot, anyway looks like I will have to be out of the water and off running for a few days.

More will follow