Monday, April 5, 2010

Light wind speed challenge - Results

The wind picked up this afterboon and with the air temp touchhing 10C Andy had his first run out on his new GPS sails today. There wasn't time to get to the coast but he has a lake nearby to the house (about a 5min drive) so we threw his gear in the car and rushed to the water. Andy logs the first speed and kicks off the challenge.

25.328 knots (best 10 second run)

That water looks cold

The wind was gusty between 7 and 13 knots.

8.0m GPS, 125ltr Exocet, 42cm Select Fin and lots of neoprene!

Session over and a bit of blue sky

More to follow...

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  1. Nice Job Andy! Very brave in those frigid conditions. It is actually quite nippy over here in Hawaii and I have to wear a shorty!