Thursday, August 5, 2010

Summer Waves - 60 Days of Summer Day 27

The recent strong trades have generated a little bump on East facing shores so Ho’okipa has been getting some wasit to head high waves. While not of the best quality or longest period the swells have comes as a welcome boost to the wave starved North Shore community. Getting me on the water took a fair bit of preparation and plenty of New Skin (still excruciatingly painful to apply!), I am looking forward to this nasty gash to heal but I figure that I could stay out of the water for 5 days and it would still not heal fully so I have been taking care to keep it clean and protected as much as possible and it is healing slowly and hasn’t bothered me too much on the water.

Today wasn't a day for big moves but a day to have some fun on whatever you found out there.

I was a little late to the beach but on arrival I reaslised that I had not missed anything yet and it had just rained. There was a little more rain in the air before a I got my gear ready. As it cleared I rushed out to take advantage of empty waves even if the wind was a little light, although when I planed out and launched into a back loop others quickly rigged. Maybe I should have made it look like it wasn’t so windy! I knew that it wouldn’t be long before a ton of people jumped on it so I was super motivated to get the most out of the very technical conditions.

Not too much opportunity for jumps but managed to get a few backs.

I must say that the reduced weight of my rig this year really seems to make a difference in these marginal conditions and I felt really comfortable while others struggled. I was testing some more prototype Black Project Twin fins today and they felt really good with plenty of grip on the bottom turn but enough slide when I wanted it off the top.

Getting air was hard today with little power from either the wave or the wind.

As expected more sailors soon joined me out there but it stayed light and rather stormy so there were never more than ten or so sailors (mostly my friends) so it was great fun to be getting some rides and the odd jump. As the rain returned I headed back to the beach quickly before the wind dropped, others were not so lucky and swam home!
Happy to have had some fun uncrowded waves. Not sure what is happening with the hair!

Sailing Record = 96% (25/26)
All pictures (c) 2010 Jimmie Hepp

More to follow…

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