Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Picture Gallery - 60 Days of Summer Day 32 (late update)

I was super tired tonight so couldn't stay awake long enough to see Jimmie's pictures for the day so I have inclduded some of the best here in a special post. There is a few great pictures of Graham, a great sequence of Kai and a few so so ones of me. Enjoy...

Really trying to work on my back loops but my landings were not very consistent.

If in doubt do a forward.

Next time hand on and go for two.

Graham is in there!

This was a nice one handed back.

Love this shot, this was the move of the day by a country mile.

The sequence of this was perfect.

Thanks to Jimmie for all his pictures and good work out there guys it was tough to do anything!

Pic of the day

Not sure who this is but it is such a great picture, not sure the landing would have been so nice!

More to follow...

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