Sunday, August 15, 2010

Unexpected - 60 Days of Summer Day 37

Sometime you get caught short. After so many days of strong trades it didn’t even cross my mind that the wind would be light EVER! I had the feeling in the morning that it wasn’t too windy but I didn’t give it much attention. On arriving at Ho’okipa I was a little shocked, totally flat, not much wind and nobody on the water. I had not even packed a 5.6m! I did think about rushing back home to grab a bigger sail and board combo but I stopped myself. Why not relax for a bit on the beach, chat with family and friends and not worry too much about it all. Sometimes you just need to put it all in perspective and make sure that you are having fun and it was great to be on the beach in the sun and hanging out although the smell of roasting meat wafting from Pavilions was making me rather hungry!

Later on some people did venture onto the water but this shot sums it up and this was the move of the day!

Liz enjoying the sun, sea and sand on a relaxing day at the beach...

I am sure that the wind will be back tomorrow but if not I’ll have my 8.0 and slalom board at the ready.

Sailing record = 89% (32/36)

On Water record = 92% (33/36)

More to follow…

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