Friday, August 20, 2010

Jumpfest Day 2 - 60 Days of Summer Day 42

The day that we had been waiting for arrived with small waves and a very gusty wind. The sun was shinning and Jimmie was keen to get shooting the numerous sailors at the ready to impress. It actually turned out to be a rather testing session with the shifty and gusty wind making it difficult for riders to hit the ramps on cue which led to a ton of crashes. It was great to see so many people out all trying to get a decent shot and for a while it was a complete zoo. People were getting into the spirit of the Jumpfest and Tom Hammerton and Morgan Henderson do deserve a special mention, obviously both aiming to win the funny picture contest. I expect that they’ll both be in the running for that crown!

Jimmie is still working on the 1600+ images but these are a few that he has sent through to me so far, I will add more to the slideshow when they are available. ENJOY!

Created with flickr slideshow from softsea.

Jake Miller and Skyler Haywood were both charging in the Pro Men section both hitting ramp after ramp and scoring sick air but on looking Graham Ezzy was unfazed as he launched into a no landed backloop and landed it clean. It will be interesting to see how the readers rate these images when they are released. The girls were pushing hard too with Tamara Bockius and Shawna both making some moves which should score highly.
This is part of an eight shot sequence and I expect that it could make it into the top 20.

There were a few waves to ride if you could avoid flying objects.

The sunny conditions were perfect for photos and Jimmie tells me that he got 1600+ shots during the two hour session. With one more day to run it looks like it will be hard to pick the best shots which will be included in the vote. The forecast is for better wind and some waves tomorrow so I am hopeful that there are even more great shots out there just waiting to be snapped (urhhh like my board today!) Jimmie's Summer Jumpfest concludes tomorrow (Friday) and he'll be choosing his top 20 shots in each category Friday evening with the aim of getting voting underway on Saturday morning,

60 Days of Summer Update:

Sailing record = 88% (36/41)

On Water record = 93% (38/41)

More to follow…

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