Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Jumpfest Preview - 60 Days of Summer Day 40

So with just a few days planning Jimmie’s Summer Jumpfest is almost under way and by this time tomorrow the first day of shooting will be complete. The forecast models show that the best action is likely to be on Thursday with a small NW swell expected currently predicted in the 3ft range with 12 second intervals. If we get some wind this will produce some great jumping conditions and it’ll be perfect for the photo shoot. Today the technical details were put together and tested and the plan is for the slideshows and online voting to be live by Saturday morning on, (the slideshows and a link to the voting will be provided on this site and elsewhere online.)

There will be having separate votes for Pro Men, Amateur Men, Women, Under 18, & Funniest Photo. Readers will be able to vote once each day in each of the categories and the polls will close one week from going live. When you vote you should also leave your name in the comments section and your name will be put into a hat with a winner drawn at random who will receive a Jimmie Hepp signed print of the winning photo. The most popular images will be made available as Wallpaper downloads once the competition concludes.

Some recent images from Ho'okipa.

Being a photo shoot contest it is a little different to normal competitions for most of these guys. Previous experience working with a photographer will help but I have also heard rumours that in an attempt to sway the judges (i.e. you) that a number of costumes normally reserved for Lahaina’s Halloween parade might make an appearance later in the week!

Jimmie will start shooting at 1:30pm Wednesday for 2 hours and then be back Thursday and Friday at the same time, the images will not be made immediately available but I am sure that a few of the best might be leaked this time tomorrow but we will see. I am looking forward to seeing as many sailors out there tomorrow, it may be a good day to get a few shots in the bag early. The best thing about Jimmie’s Jumpfest is that it is all for fun and it is bringing the Maui windsurfing community together at a time when things are normally fairly quiet on the Valley Isle. If you are currently on island get yourself down to Ho'okipa and get your jump on.


Today’s North Shore action: The trade winds stay light to moderate. I had a fun late and uncrowded session at Ho’okipa on my 5.0m. It seemed to pick up after 4pm and there was a hint of a few teeny waves. It was again fantastic to be on the water and having fun.

Sailing record = 87% (34/39)

On Water record = 92% (36/39)

More to follow…

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