Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ten of the best Photos - 60 Days of Summer Day 25

With my foot extremely sore and inflamed, totally my fault for sailing yesterday I had to sit out today. The conditions looked really fun at Ho’okipa and it was hard to resist but unfortunately I lost my 100% sailing record. I did manage a windy and cold run later in the day with a new PB! I am hopeful a day out of the water will do it but I may need two. For today’s post I decided to highlight one of the North Shore’s new personalities Jimmie Hepp who sprung onto the watersports scene this spring, not for his sailing, he doesn’t even windsurf but for his photos. His daily presence at Ho’okipa rivalled even the most die hard Baker brothers and his images have lit up Facebook and are starting to get wider recognition in the industry. I have chosen ten of my favourite Jimmie pictures to share with you today; so sit back click enlarge and enjoy.

Pic # 1: This picture was taken from the State Championships this past weekend. I love the confussion in the image. You can see how windy it was and getting round the marks was extremely difficult.

Pic # 2: Taken at Makena during the recent skimboard event. Jimmie has covered every water sport you can imaging in the last six months, if it has been on he has been there.

Pic # 3: This was taken at the North end of Front St by the old Chart house. While not a watersports one it does include a few boats so I guess that counts. WOW!

Pic # 4: This is the start of the MORMAI'I MOLOKAI PAILOLO SUP RACE. 

Pic # 5: 22nd May, Ho'okipa, Skyler Haywood and Bernd Roediger, maybe Tatiana and co should try to re-create this with her Butterflies?

Pic # 6: 22nd May, Ho'okipa, Bernd Roediger alone this time, perfect sailing and perfect shot!

Pic # 7: 4th May, Ho'okipa. Levi rocks whatever the conditions (OK onshore 35 knot Pozo isn't his fav!)

Pic # 8: 27th April, Ho'okipa, Diony Guadagnino testing his 2011 Bolt, love the colours, great action, love the shot!

Pic # 9: The Butteryfly Effect, created by Tatiana Howard

Pic # 10: Pavillions, Ho'okipa back in March. Love the shaddow on the wave.

It was really hard picting my 10 favourite shots, there are so many, I tried to look at non-windsurf pictures too so that I got a good balance. My favourite one is PIC # 7 (I think) what's yours? PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW SO WE CAN SEE WHICH ONE IS MOST POPULAR.

Jimmie's pictures have become extremely respected and popular in Maui and I am sure that before long we will be seeing some of his pictures in print. Keep up the great work. ALL of Jimmie's pictures are available in full res for sale so if you see anything that you like please contact him and he will sort you out. At the moment he is putting together a CD of all the pictures from the Maui Race Series and that is being sold for a very reasonable 50 bucks. So if you have not already done so make Jimmie your friend on FB and go from there.
Sailing record = 96% (23/24 days)
More to follow...


  1. I don't know what to say...but what a nice thing for Chris to do!! I have thoroughly enjoyed shooting all the events this summer..from surfing to SUP to Slalom to Wave Windsurfing it has all been a rush!! Keep up the good work guys

  2. pic # 3 - sums up hawaii a place I have not visited for 18 years - I will be back !