Friday, August 13, 2010

Island Magic - 60 Days of Summer Day 35

The mayhem seems to have calmed down a little here with more normal wind conditions apparent on the north shore. We had a fun surf in tiny waves on the west side before heading over to Ho’okipa after lunch where just a few sailors were enjoying the 15-20 knots and occasional ramp. I jumped in with my 5.0m to grab some of the fun, since I banned myself from forwards yesterday I tried to work on other things like backs, pushies and even some freestyle, I did squeeze in one forward, just for fun, the ramp was perfect and I couldn’t resist!

Pic(s) of the day goes to Franck Berthuot the man behind check out his web and I am sure that you’ll agree his shots are fantastic. Franck is in the water most days and has a fun daily feature on his site called ‘Crash of the Day’ which is always a great laugh. You can buy his images directly from his site.

Crash of the day! Copyright

Franck takes time off from is work and gets in some action of his own, caught by Jimmie's lens.

New Gig – I recently confirmed out that I would be writing for in the US. I will of course be continuing with my blog here but will be writing some special reports and feature articles for their site. My first posts should be live soon but for now check out their website or pick up a copy of the magazine.
I am very excited about this new venture on

As I have always tied to stress there is far more to Maui than Ho’okipa even if recently I have been writing mainly about the spot so I want to share some of Jimmie’s pictures from his travels around the island. Well before he started shooting at the beach Jimmie established himself as a leading island photograher and his images are sold in lots of stores around Maui and you can order prints etc. and I believe that he can arrange shipping to the mainland or further afield too. Check out his website for more info. Here are some of his images from around the island. ENJOY.

Love or hate it the Sugar Cane factory is an iconic image in Maui

I love to get up high and look down.

I love hiking in the West Maui Mountains.

Tourist heaven!

I love plam trees and I love blue skies and this one has them both.  

South side beauty

View from Upcountry


West Maui Mountains.

Somethimes it is great to just sit back and enjoy the beauty that this place offers, what a place to call home. Thanks to Jimmie for his shots today.

Sailing record = 91% (31/34)

On Water record = 94% (32/34)

More to follow…

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