Monday, August 9, 2010

Making the most of it - 60 Days of Summer Days 31

A few days of lighter winds and a higher than normal tide levelled the bumps today and Ho’okipa was as flat as you’ll find it. Pavilions did have a fun small surf wave and it was great watch a number of beginners getting some nice rides. You might expect that it is when the conditions are at their best that the best step up to the plate but I think that today’s images from Jimmie point out that it is when the conditions are at their worst that the aces in the pack show what they are made of. Today I want to highlight in my view three of the best windsurfers in the world all working hard to make the most of the poor conditions when many wave sailors would have hung up their fins. None of these sailors have really made it in PWA competition, which is due to the fact that we don't actually have a wave tour. If we did have a world tour that actually included waves then they would be right there. In many people's eyes Levi is King of Ho'okipa and having watched him since he was a young kid I certainly agree. Kai is certainly one to watch and is developing into a true waterman with a wide range of talents especially on a SUP. Graham has been away at Princeton University for three years and will soon be back in the windsurfing world full time, with his personallity, intelligence and flair on the water I fully expect that he will be a major force in the industry and before long I expect he will be helping to drive the Ezzy brand forward.

Graham Ezzy

Kai Lenny, young and super talented.

Levi Siver, the not so old master.

Personally I opted to relax and swim at Kanaha with Liz and initially was planning on giving my foot one more day. I was then introduced to blog fan Andy from Europe who has just arrived on the island; he was super stoked to have had a great day on the water after two years away from windsurfing. He tells me that reading the blog for the last few weeks has really motivated him for his three week Hawaiian holiday, which is turn motivated me to get out and give my foot a test out.

It was a little late in the day so despite the 20+ knots I rigged a 5.0 Bolt and got out there. By the time I hit the water the wind had actually moderated a bit and it was perfect. I worked on a little bit of freestyle trickery but much to my disappointment the choppy conditions were really making my foot sore so I called in a day early. Great to be back on the water and I know that some good days for me are just around the corner. The wind and hence windblown wave forecast is on the up and I fully expect that we will have some head high waves by the middle of next week.

Sailing record = 90% (27/30 possible days)
On water record = 93% (28/30 possible days)

More to follow…

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  1. I'm lovin' your blog Chris!! Let me know when you plan to hit it again