Thursday, July 1, 2010

60 Days of Summer - Time to pack

This time next week we will be somewhere between Bahrain and London on route to LA then OGG. In many ways the time seems to have gone so slowly and yet it only feels like yesterday we were packing to leave Maui.

Southside Maui Beach - looking forwward to some southside surf and SUP action.

BAHRAIN: I was really pleased to get a good string of days on the water but this last week has only really be windy between 11am and 2pm so I haven't be able to get out. Instead it has been back to the gym and pool. There is a possibility of wind today but then the models show nothing for the rest of the week.

FLAKA - some progress has been made, I was feeling good about things then saw some great videos of Air Flakas which raised the bar somewhat. At the moment I guess I am just not giving it enough, I must commit to the move more, with plenty of wind around the corner I am pleased that I have at least made a start, hopefully within a couple of weeks I will be able to report on rather more success.

Air Flaka by the master!

KIT? Seems like Maui has been super windy this year so far, which makes me wonder if I need a 4.1m HSM Bolt too? Taking my 73 Tabou but would love to get a 79 and a 100 freestyler.

SLALOM UPDATE: Fimgers crossed Andy (who starts to persuit of UK slalom glory this weekend) will be meeting me at Heathrow with a slalom board and sails packed and then I will be almost ready for the Maui Race Series, my first event is likely to be in 2 weeks time.

TRANSPORT: Busy searching for new Maui wheels... needs to be able to get around the island while being weighted down with tons of gear and still be able to find room for a trip to Costco. Lets hope the summer 2010 version is better than some of the wrecks I have driven in the past!

I had better start packing.

More to follow...

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