Saturday, July 17, 2010

60: Day 9 – Beach Cleanup and Board Shopping

I am both thrilled and saddened by today's beach cleanup at Sprecks. THRILLED because the kindness and caring nature of a few has made such a difference for so many but SADDENED because there should never be this much trash at a beach, who dumps a TV, their bed, a bible (yes there was a dumped bible!) and everything you can imagine on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world?  

Everyone should take a long hard look at this and think about how they can do something for the environment because once it is destroyed it is GONE!

The message is clear, IF YOUR BEACH IS IN DANGER DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT and organise a cleanup.

On a more positive note (I think) today was a day to look for a new board because my 73 Tabou is showing signs of wear and has a nice crack on the bottom, I love this board, especially the comfort underfoot but it is not strong enough that is clear. So Bart (at Kanaha Kai) lent me a 74 Starboard Evil Twin in wood construction to try out, while a little heavier than the wood/carbon mix it seems that it is a little more rugged.

Evil Twin 74 Vs DaCurve 73

The Tabou is light and rips on the wave but I have not always been happy with it in the air, going to get out the sander and will fix and keep for wave riding at Hookipa. The Starboard felt good for jumping but I am concerned that the deck pads are not soft enough for my somewhat tired ankles and knees. I am going to test again tomorrow and see if I should part with my cash or looks for something else.

More to follow...

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