Sunday, July 11, 2010

60 - Day 2: 2011 Prototype Testing

I woke up super early (like 2:30 am) this morning and not wanting to wake Liz I started to unpack the gear in the dark which was hampered slightly by the morning showers, how fantastic it is to see rain and breathe the fresh Pacific air though. Had a good ride to Kanaha about 6am, bumped into Jeff Henderson (Hot Sails Owner) out for his morning run along the way. The weather continued to be rather patchy in the AM so we spent some time working on logistics and doing some fun errands in town!

Having realised that I had left all my fins at home I had to rush to the shop (Kanaha Kai) to borrow some form Bart before heading off to Sprecks to test a new 2011 yet to be named wave prototype which Tom had given me to evaluate. Was the first time I had used my new carbon boom and I was impressed with the stiffness and weight combo. Wind was gusting between 18 and 22 knots with some waves downwind towards Camp One and some smaller waves upwind on the reef, perfect 5.0 but the waves were not as promised a few days ago (I do hear of better waves tomorrow).

It felt so good to be back in the ocean and I was immediately impressed with the compact and smooth feel of the new sail and was especially happy with how it felt in the air. Once upwind but only a few jumps into my session I crashed out and trashed the proto. I was gutted 2 fold, firstly I was really enjoying the new feel and secondly I would have to face Tom and tell him that he’d have to get another prototype made. Luckily I had just picked up my new sails so I had a 5.0 Bolt to change on to which actually gave me a good opportunity to highlight the differences between the two sails. Sorry I can’t post any pictures of the new sail just yet but hopefully I’ll get my hands on another one soon enough and get some more info out there. Maybe Hot Sails should run a competition to name the new sail?

Looks like increased wave action for tomorrow so will be up early to get out for a run or ride and have fingers crossed for a Ho’okipa session, gutted I don’t have that sail to use in some waves! Will try to get my slalom gear up and running tomorrow but that may have to wait another day. In all the attempts to reduce weight and hence baggage cost I seemed to eliminate any clothes from my luggage so I will have to address that issue tomorrow or I will be rather chilly come Monday!

The evening finished with a cool party at Jeff’s house by the ocean, the perfect way to unwind and relax in paradise.

Sorry no pics today, the computer/memory stick don't seem to want to communicate! Fingers crossed I will get them attached asap.

11:30pm, day two complete, time for bed!

More to follow…

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