Tuesday, July 6, 2010

60 Days of Summer - Introduction

In the past I used to winter in Hawaii and summer in Europe, but as time has passed I have spent more summers in Hawaii and less time in Europe. Maui in summer time is very different from the winter and spring that many know and love but that doesn't mean that it is different in a bad way! While there are for sure less waves it is all about attitude.

The aim of the 60 Days of Summer project is a simple one; to show that there is far more to Hawaii than winter surf and that with the right attitude, the right equipment and enough time you can find waves, wind, surf, freestyle, slalom, SUP, skate, kite, hike, bike, you get the idea, tons of action and have a whole lot of fun too – after all isn’t that what it’s all about?

I have 60 days off from work and aim to show readers what Maui has to offer for the summer resident or visitor.

I am just about to set off on a 60 day long summer trip back home to Hawaii and will be blogging each day along the way (I am currently working for 9 months of the year in Bahrain in the Middle East).

I am setting myself many challenges, one of my first will be to get up to speed and ready for the Quicksilver Cup on the 17th July which is part of the popular Maui Race Series, having only sailed on a slalom board once in the last 15 years (last year at one of the Maui VMAX Speed Series events that should be fun especially with the likes of Dan Ellis in the fleet. I do not even have a board yet, hoping to meet my brother at Heathrow with one and a couple of HSM GPS slalom sails (fingers crossed no delays!)

I hope that this project will not only motivate and challenge me but inspire others to get out, get fit and challenge themselves to do new things and appreciate what we have. Please pass this blog on to others, join me on Facebook and check back daily. I leave for Maui at 1:30am on Friday morning and should be catching up with family and friends in Flatbread by 20:30 HST Friday night.

More to follow...

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