Thursday, July 15, 2010

60 - Day 6: Ups and Downs

Not much wind was forecast for today so we both got up early to exercise. I had a great 7km run along the north shore from our house, past the airport and down to Kanaha and back while Liz worked in Home Gym (more on this in a later post).

The wind seemed strong enough later on so I zoomed to Ho’okipa but things were not as expected and I had a plod about on my 5.6m, should have gone for a 8.0m slalom session, I have learnt my lesson.

A little after 4pm we hopped into the car with our visiting friends and charged up the mountain to check out the crater and watch the sunset. While it is a classic tourist thing to do it is just beautiful up there and I always love it, today was rather cloudy but very warm which was a change. The drive is always tough and I am not sure whether my brakes or I were struggling more towards the end of the decent. I took tons of pics so just posted a few interesting ones here and the rest will be on my FB page soon. I also filmed the sunset so will compress the time and post when it is completed.

10,000 ft above sea level

Chris and Liz on top of the world

Diet Coke Advert?

Looking into the crater

Just got of the phone with Tom and booked in for some slalom practice with him tomorrow which will be great, not racing this weekend but will be in 2 weeks time, I want to have more practice before I get on the course. We seem to be stuck in this more winter like wind pattern at the moment but I am hopeful that we’ll get enough wind for the big kit. I will be sure to have the camera rolling.

So a day of ups and downs both literally and metaphorically, rather tired and sore from the days exploits so off to bed!

More to follow…


  1. Agree! Haleakala is always a great trip! The GoPro works well :)
    I hope the wind picks up aswell.
    Enjoy and treasure every minute.

  2. Thanks Dave, you are right it is one of those places everyone should go at least once a year, it is a great place to sit and reflect on life for a few minutes, it reminds me how small we really are and how much is out there.