Tuesday, July 6, 2010

60 Days of Summer - Weather Talk

Looks like the North Pacific is brewing up some waves just in time for our arrival. Should have some waves on Saturday and Sunday at Ho'okipa which will be a great way to start and looks like the trades will be good too.

Maui County Windward Waters Forecast
SATURDAY: East winds 20 kt. Wind waves 6 to 7 ft. Mixed swell southeast 3 ft and northwest 3 to 4 ft. Scattered showers.

NW swell epected Saturday and Sunday - Perfect! Thanks to GP  for the forecast
Saturday morning looks like being rather busy getting stuff sorted in time to get on the water in the afternoon but I am sure that the motivation of possible waves will make those chors go quickly! Our friends that are visiting from Bahrain may arrive on Saturday night so that will be fun - it will be their first trip to Hawaii.

Looking ahead it may lighten up on Monday so I am confident that my surfboards will come out of their hibernation.

Just 2 more days at work and we'll be on our way and the expectation of waves will make the 33 hours of travel time fly by! Can you tell how excited we are?

More to follow...

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