Monday, July 12, 2010

60 - Day 3: Family Day and Summer Time Surf

I was really pleased to wake up at 6:30am today rather better than yesterday’s effort. The 13 hour time difference between here and Bahrain is sometimes rather hard to cope with but the jet lag seems to be wearing off a little. Luckily I was awake enough to avoid the 3 massive centipedes who has been chilling out in my board bag over night to avoid the rain (later we found a dead scorpion in our bedroom!).

A bite from one of these can lead to plenty of localized swelling, they love to hide under things like sheets of wood, board bags etc.

Anne (Liz’s sister) is a big fan of family day and always puts together a plan for the 4 of us (5 at the moment with Liz’s mum visiting from the mainland) luckily it always resolves around the beach, today was no different and it was great to go to Kanaha to hang out, chat, sail and swim. The wind didn’t want to play game though and just as soon as Tom and I got 500m off the beach on the way to Uppers the wind started to shut off eventually leaving me to slog in from about a mile out on my 73 and 5.0m.

It was still early so Tom went Wind Fishing (for those who haven’t seen this imagine an old windsurf board sailing around with a fishing line attached to the back) and in hope of finding more wind and better waves I rode up to Ho’okipa to check it out. The waves were good by July standards with head high sets and not too many out, the wind got better as the late session went on but the crowd of surfers and SUPers were taking their toll on my wave count so I called it a day at 5:30pm.

It was a beautiful day here and while Tom was unsuccessful in catching our dinner the Mahi-Mahi he almost caught got bigger as more empties stacked up.

The Hawaiian Mahi-Mahi, rather strange looking fish, they get real big and taste great.

Tom on a more successful wind fishing day after cooking them on an open fire at the beach, perfect!

Coming up tomorrow...

The forecast is for the wind to drop for the next few days, looks like a perfect opportunity to get onto so slalom gear so tomorrow’s post will likely be dedicated to finding out how to set up some gear and working out how I am going to get round a course with 15 other guys trying to beat me on Saturday!
More to follow…

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