Thursday, February 25, 2010

Equipment shopping and more bike

It is just one week until I'll be getting an early night and all the training will be complete. After yesterday's efforts I am pleased to report that I have just a few aches and pains which have been easily remedied with a good dose of Deep Heat.

New goggles... hopefully these will make the swim rather more enjoyable, yesterday my goggles were extremely painful, they leaked alot and they totally misted up so I was almost blind. I need to work out what I am swimming in.

Nike Hydroflow

I am keen to look at shoes for the run, I have been using my Nike AirMax which are great but a little rugged and I think that I might look at the Nike Lunar Glide tomorrow (again!).

Nike Lunar Glide

I did not feel that comfortable on the bike yesterday as was too crampt, so I extended and flattered out the bars with a pivoting stem and raised my saddle by at least an inch. The set up felt so much more comfortable and so much faster, especially into the wind, I think that this change has probably knocked 5-10 minutes of the bike. Completed a good 10k in the dark tonight which felt good. 

Need to buy a helmet over the weekend so that I comply with race rules.

Tomorrow will be a light training day, I want to work on my swimming to improve my technique and will probably bike too. Saturday I plan to complete the full track before lunch and then go to watch the Aussie V8 cars race at the Bahrain International Curcuit.

More to follow...

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