Monday, March 1, 2010

4 days to go!

I have not updated in a few days, not becuase I haven't been training, just busy I guess. I have been working to improve the bike further with new thinner road tires and new click peddles, these additons have made a great difference and my bike times have come down.

In the water I am feeling much better, I still need to work on this and really need to be able to swim freestyle the whole way but I don't think it will happen this time (yes there is a hint there that I am pretty sure this will not be the last time and I am interested in the full triathlon of 1.5, 40k and 10k).

Carl and I raced the swim and the bike yesterday, he is very fast on the swim and had a 10 minutes headstart which left me pushing it on the bike the whole way, I caught him with 10 metres of the 20k to go after a total of 1 hour 11min. We did not have perfect change overs which cost us a couple of minutes, so I expect to be starting the run after about 1hr 5 min which makes 1 hour 30 minutes possible and thats what I am working towards.

I had a good run tonight after a long day at work and completed the 5k in 22:52, while I will not do that on race day I am aiming for somewhere around or just under 25 min on race day.

I am not sure what training I should now do over the next few days, I am keen to swim tomorrow to work on technique and then an easy bike on Wednesday but I may rest instead. I am looking forward to the race now and I am really pleased with how things have gone during the training and it has been a great boost to my fitness levels.

More to follow...

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