Saturday, March 27, 2010

Planning for a Maui Summer 2010

The good thing about our current jobs is that we get plenty of time off in the summer. I do wish that we had more time off during the year and miss the times in Wales when I had more regular breaks but we have two months this summer to get back to Maui. It is now that time when we need to start planning, moving two people, all our stuff 11,000 miles and back for two months can be a little tricky, especially when you have to negotiate a BA connection and their baggage rules (or should I call them jokes?)!

22,000 miles, 6 different airports and plenty of excess baggage charges!

To me Maui in the summer is very chilled, there are no real waves to speak of but its generally windy so I do get out on the water a fair bit and if you look hard enough and are lucky you can find the odd wave. I do miss the winter surf terribly and it is hard to leave at the end of August when the summer no wave blues turn into fresh optimism about the upcoming Autumn swells.

Relaxing South Side - Summer 2009

The last couple of summers we have both trained hard in the gym and on the road; this year will be no different, I do want to sail rather more than last year and I do want to surf more too. Some of the best days of Summer 09 were spent on the West Side with Anne and Tom, a cooler full of food with a bunch of surfboards and SUPs and I am looking forward to surfing with Tom some more. What made a huge difference last year was buying an 8'0" Mal (thanks Dave for the good price) which made picking up waves rather easier than my 6'2"! I actually have another new surfboard for the summer a Kazuma 7'6" Mal which should be good for Dumps (again thanks to Dave).

Dave riding the Kazuma on a Winter wave.

Tom introduced me to GPS speed last year and I am looking forward to seeing how fast I can go this year. One thing that I missed out on last year was the Maui Race Series and I may even give that a go! What I have learnt about the summer is that you can take one of two paths, you can either moan that there are no waves and talk about the Spring, Winter or Autumn or you can be proactive and get in and one the water daily and enjoy what there is to offer, I prefer the latter. Fingers are also crossed for another Molikai Speed Trip with Tom although this time I will not try to drink a beer on the way back - it was rather rough and I would have preferred sailing, they may do the crossing this year and that could be another challenge.

Tom somewhere near Molokai Summer 2009

So lots of action around the corner. Looks like we have our Sprecks house back for the Summer so all mapping out good. What really makes it for me is being able to spend so much time with Liz in and out of the water without the stress of work.

More to follow...

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