Friday, March 12, 2010

Light wind speed challenge

Tom (my brother in law and HSM sail designer) has just challenged Andy (my brother) and myself to a light wind speed contest (Tom currently is the fastest out the of the three, by some distance.

"I challenge the Freemans to a lightwind speed challenge!

  • Board 100 liters or bigger
  • Sail 8.0 meters or bigger (wait a minute I gave away my 8.0 only have 8.8!)
  • Best 10 second speed (doppler)


I like this, I have tons of protected flat water! Just need to get my gear sorted.
This is Tom with his light wind set up, I remember that he did 29.95 knots that day, so I expect we'll have to be reaching 30+ to be challenging.
More to follow...

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