Friday, February 19, 2010

Amwaj Triathlon - 13 days to go

So I have officially decided to take part in the Amwaj Triathlon which is on Friday 5th March, thats just 13 days away. I have never completed in a triathlon or any long distance event. I am confident that the bike will be ok, I am confident that the run will be ok but, what I am a little concerned with is the swim and what it will take out of me, I guess that I will get a rest on the bike. The other thing is the cold, while the air temp has warmed up the sea is still cold and I am interested to see how that will affect things.

I need to work out a training program for this as being super competitive and given that some friends will enter as well I want to do as well as possible, however bad that might be.

One main area of concentration will have to be the swim, I will need to work on technique and stamina, I am yet to find out how far the swim is, I am fine with the distance, its just that I am (very) slow and I will be well behind before I have even set eyes on the bike, which will be slow because I will be using a mountain bike. If I have enough energy left I should make up some ground on the run. 

I think that I need to swim everyday and either bike or run as well, ideally I would do all three each day but that will be hard to fir in after work.

These are going to see some KMs in the next couple of weeks

I want to be ready for a trial run of the course 7 days before the event but that will depend on how well the training goes. I will report progress each day until race day.

More to follow...

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