Friday, February 5, 2010

The perfect Bahrain quiver

I have been based in Bahrain since late August 2007 some 30 months. During that time it has become clear that there are plenty of days of wind, you just have to be in the right place with the right gear. I have missed many days of water action from either being at work or not having the right gear.

I have explored a number of places and there must be more and better locations. I really see some of the offshore islands as possible spots and would like to explore further. I have been trying to think about the perfect set up so that I can maximise time on the water.

It is regularly 9-12 knots and flat, there are days of 15-18 knots, still flat and then there are the 20-25 knot days which generate some bump. There have been some 25-30 knot days with small waves and I expect that some of the islands might get this more regularly. There is also a flat water speed course that remains perfectly smooth no matter how windy it is.

It is one of those places that you can get by on a small selection of gear, which is what I have been doing but to really get something out of this place I think a little investment is needed.

The climatic condition are tough on gear with temperatures soaring to 120F (50C) in the baking summer sun and the beach is littered with sharp rocks and abrasive sand so pristine gear is probably rather wasted here.

  • 130 ltr slalom
  • 110 ltr slalom 
  • 80 ltr slalom 
  • 90 ltr freestyle 
  • 90 ltr wave 
  • 80 ltr wave


  • 8.5m slalom
  • 7.0m slalom
  • 6.0m slalom
  • 6.3m freestyle
  • 5.5m freestyle
  • 5.0m wave
  • 4.5m wave

You must not forget the boat (needed to get to some of the spots)!

Estimated set up costs $10,000 plus $7,500 for boat

With this gear I estimate that you’d get 75+ days a year on the water maybe more. If we take a 50% depreciation rate on gear and a 20% rate on the boat, that works out at a cost of $6500 / 75 = $86.67 per session.

Something to think about!

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