Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I learnt alot tonight!

I finally got home early enough to get into the water. I was very pleased with the temp using just a 1mm titanium one piece and a long sleeved rashvest, towards the latter part of my swim these did start to chaff a little so I will need to work a solution to that. The second issue which is in fact much worse is the goggles I was using, I had used them before but they really were bad and will have to be replaced. The sea is very salty here and I need to be careful not to swallow too much or this will make me sick on the bike leg.

I need new googles...

I mapped my swim on Google Earth to find that it was 675m, slightly less than I thought, I must admit that I was ready to get out of the water at that point but I will have to swim longer tomorrow and will aim for 900-1000m.

I am very lucky to be able to train right on our doorstep!

As you can see I had a little run back home, then changed quickly into my running gear and set off round the island. This run was much tougher than I had expected, my shoulders were rather stiff and my legs solid, adding to my tiredness the wind was right in my face (as it had been for much of the swim), gradually my legs did loosen up slightly and I felt the strongest during the fifth km.

To sum up, I am very pleased that I managed to complete two of the three legs after a day of work, but I can really see how hard it will be to complete in a good time. I will concentrate on getting round and at this point I am aiming for 1 hour 45 min. I plan to complete a full trail run at the weekend and will clock that so that I can set a target.

Liz is competing as part of a team and has just got back from a 16km training ride.

More tomorrow....

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