Saturday, June 5, 2010

No wind, very hot and very humid in Bahrain but looking ahead

None of this promised June wind has arrived and in the last week it seems to got alot hotter and more humid. The temps are now upto 40C for most of the day with the the overnight low 32C. We have tried to keep up our normal training but fear that it is time to work more indoors, even the sea is super hot now which doesn't make swimmining too easy.

Fingers crossed that some wind will materialise...

The calm waters of Amwaj Islands

Time for some more paddling

The 60 Days of Summer are around the corner so that is keepin me motivated at the moment, inspired by JP's summer mission last year to document all his waves while in Oahu I plan to work hard and write as many interesting posts as possible and at least update everyday. I have lots of things planned, knowing that I will have committed myself to daily posts means that I will have to keep active so that I have something good to write.

Our trusted Olympus waterproof, shock proof, freeze proof camera has broken! Looking for replacements at the moment but no new pictures until we sort out a new one.

More to follow...

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