Friday, June 18, 2010

Maui coundown

So far June (the windiest month according to the stats) has not delivered any action, although from watching the daily updates it does seem to have been windy enough during many days for BIG slalom gear, but by three it has all been gone. The air temp has risen alot recently with overnight lows of 32C and daytime highs of 47C.

Looks like we might get a little something tomorrow and it looks really good for next weekend, fingers crossed!

3 WEEKS TILL MAUI - yes the countdown has really started now. With the lack of wind and scorching temps not much we can do but work out in the gym, but I am confident that we will both be fully ready for what looks like a rather windy summer. We are counting the hours before we get to fly back home for 2 months.

Time for some old Maui pics - 15 years and counting!

Camp One, Spring 1996, 5.0 Bugler Wave and Hotworks 250

Camp One, Spring 1997, 4.2m Bugler Wave and K-Bay 8'4"

Hookipa Beach Park, 1997, Chris and Phil

Hookipa, Winter 2001-2, Naish 5.0 and 8'2" F2 Custom 

Hookipa, Summer 2002, Naish 5.0 and Mistral Score 250

Hookipa, Spring 2005, 8'2" SOS and 5.0 YES Wave

Kahana (West Maui), December 2005, 8'2" SOS and 5.0 HSM SO

Hookipa, Spring 2006, 8'2" SOS and 5.0 HSM SO

Hookipa, Summer 2007, No need for straps!

Kanaha, Summer 2008, Liz, 3.7m HSM Fire and 105 Angulo Sumo 

Sprecks, 28th Dec 2008, Chris & Liz

Molokai, Summer 2009, 5.3 HSM Fire and Tabou DaCurve 73

What is funny is that all these pictures are very fresh in my mind, as my 15 year Maui Anniversary approaches (1st Sept 1995 to 1st Sept 2010)  it is a great time to reflect on days gone by and look forward to what lies ahead.

More to follow...

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