Wednesday, June 2, 2010

New Bolts, HSM FB Comp and Old Gear

I am eagerly awaiting my new HSM Bolts now, just waiting to pick them up. Finally ordered my first carbon boom yesterday too, was hard to part with the cash (although when I convert into Bahraini Dinars it seems cheap!), but based on the conclusions from my earlier post I am sure that I will be pleased with the result.

The Bolts will be very differnent from what I used too, I have been using the HSM Fire since their introdcution in 2008 and before that I used the SO (which was a similar set up) for 3 years. I am looking forward to the lightness which I think will be great for wave riding and aerials, I think that it will be like a shot in the arm for my sailing (and I have needed it recently!)

I am really trying to work out a board quiver at the moment, finding it hard because the conditions in Bahrain and Maui are so differnet and I want to get out of my comfort zone to push my sailing forward. I really want a decent freestyle board, a couple of slalom boards and a couple of waveboards but with no current board deal that is rather expensive. I have loved my Tabou DaCurve and would love to stay with them but I am kinda limited to used gear at the moment and I can't find any. That takes me to Starboard, they have a great range so maybe that is the way forward. I have had great fun looking at old gear on which seems to dig up the best of the early 80's and 90's gear, really takes me back, I wish that I had the space to collect some of it and I would love to see how the old boards feel in comparison.

What an 80's classic!

I was pleased to read the HSM Facebook page this morning and see that my slogan had made it into the shortlist for the winners of their comp. I liked my "HSM: Hardcore Sailing Machines" but I think that some of the other slogan were great too, guess could be good as you could change for HotSurfMaui to "Harcore Surfing Machines" and have some brand symmetry.

BTW: Still no wind here!

More to follow...

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