Friday, June 25, 2010

More wind, more freestyle.

It didn't look to good when I woke up on Friday morning with think dust and only 10-15 knots but as the day passed the conditions improved. By 2pm it was windy and sunny again.

I am getting lots of freestyle practice which is good and some what pleased with the results. I can certainly say that I am falling of alot but also that I am starting to feel more comfortable, I have not broken my anckles yet so that is a bonus!

Flaka progress - watching the videos has helped, I am feeling good in the set up and getting rotaton but killing it by leaning back on landing, I need to get my weight over the board. At the moment I am going down wind, popping the board, rotating upwind but finishing off with the later stages of a board/sail 360 so at the moment it is rather a hybrid but something I can work on. Much better than a few days ago.

The wind was best betweem 3 and 4pm and I was pleased to see so many people at the beach, there must have been 20-25 kites and 4 windsurfers, add to that families etc. it was quite busy on the beach and on the water, luckily the kiters still to a small area so I get the rest.

Not much wind so far this Saturday morning but it looks like it will pick up later and it is already sunny so that should help.

Less than 2 weeks till the 60 Days of Summer now... must look for cars on today. Yesterday I got my boardbag off the roof... a year of dust, think it will need a rather good srub before being packed!

The wind still looks good for the next week.

More to follow...

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