Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Wind and dust

I cannot quite work out why some days it is windy and sunny and others are windy and dusty, while I much prefer the windy and sunny ones I will take them all. Looks like we have 3 solid days of wind now and it was hard to leave for work this morning as the wind was picking up and the sea state was developing. Anyway looks like the wind has got better through the day, I just hope it holds into the evening.

The dust seems to have risen throughout the day. I am going to try and get my GPS unit onboard tonight (wrapped in plastic as it is not waterproof) so that I can see where I do actually go and I might be able to get some idea of speed if I go down the speed track! Looking forward to picking up my GP31 in a few weeks time so that I can do some proper runs. 

More to follow...  

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