Saturday, May 15, 2010

GPS training

Well the wind decided not to blow this weekend and the weather wasn't too good either with tons of dust in the air. Yesterday was so bad that we stayed inside the house or the gym. Today wasn't great this morning but I got out for an early morning ride before it got too hot.

Bike: 9.24km / 28 min 

Then after a quick breakfast it was off to lift weights at our gym for a solid hour.

Maya Gym about 300m walk from our house

Felt good to be home before lunch already with two good workouts completed. After a good break, lunch and a visit to a new fancy tea shop (The Tea Club) in the Lagoon it was time for the next sector.

Paddle Board: 3.45km / 47 minutes

The paddling is really tough especially after lifting weights but great exercise and perfect flat water practice for surfing. It is great to see some wildlife too but the jet skis are a real pain. I think that I am going to modify my paddle baord a little further by adding a soft deck which should make it rather more comfortable! When I got home and loaded my tracks onto the computer I realised that I had only run outside once in the last week (to be fair it has been upto 45C and super humid), the GPS motivator kicked in and within a few minutes I was changed back into my running gear and setting off round the island, it was cool by recent standards but about 85-90% humidity.

5km / 25.16 min

I tried out Liz's new version ipod shuffle and all I can say is what a terrible device. I use the older square version normally with Skull Candy headphones. The earphones keep falling out and you have to learn Morse Code to be able to navigate songs with the built in control button. I cannot believe that Apple could make such a bad product! If you want to buy new earbud headphones then they'll set you back $80, more than the shuffle itself, how stupid, come on Apple sort it out. 

As the day draws to a close I am rather happy with the weekend's training and I am pleased with the progress that has been made so far.

More to follow...

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