Monday, May 3, 2010

Light wind speed challenge - Results from the UK

I have just heard of an uncomfirmed 25.34 knots from Andy today.

Wind:   16 knots
Sail:      8.0 m HSM GPS 
Board:  Mistral 135 Red Dot
Fin:       60cm

Andy's new Mistrals look great!

Andy's comment, "Need bigger sail".

UPDATE: Unfortunately for Andy once all the tracks were analyzed the best 100m run was slower at 24.59 knots. Better luck next time.

Looks like his new Mistral boards are working well though and he is thinking about a 9.7 HSM GPS. Andy is training to make his debut on the the British Slalom Association tour later in the season.

More details will follow...

1 comment:

  1. So far so good on the new board. It is easy to sail and seems to have stacks of gas. Just looking forward to getting an 8.8m on it and ghosting past 29knots...