Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sometimes it is hard to sit and watch

It has been hard to watch everyone score great waves and wind recently while we have been rather washed up in the desert. We have been predicted wind and there has been some but it has been strangely changeable of late and what wind there has been seems to have come through at night.

This is the HSM FB competition shot, "ADD YOUR CAPTION HERE AND WIN!"

Since last posting I have come to terms that I seem to totally suck at freestyle (and probably everything else) and have become rather more positive, I have been watching video clips thinking about moves, moving staps and generally keeping upbeat and ready to; try, think, try, think, try, think, try... until it works out a little better. I guess it is hard being totoally alone on the water not just some of the time but all the time. Anyway I have enough desire and flexibility left to nail some of these moves so I will keep the blog updated.

My 08 Fires are rather trashed - they are more than 2 years old, I can't wait to get my new HSM Bolts which are wating for me at the loft!

Our summer is coming together, tickets are booked and the rest of the logistics are falling into place. So excited to get my new set of HSM Bolts and check out the HSM 2011 protos. Most of all I just can't wait to get back to Maui and be at home for a while.

We have been training hard in the gym and road, Liz and I are trying to get stronger and fitter while there is not much else to do. Andy gave me a great GPS device which has really helped with my training on the road.

I have been amazed how good the Garmin Forerunner GPS is!

So all in all its a bit quiet here but we are trying to keep busy and it is less than 10 weeks till we hit the road for 2 months.

More to follow...

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