Thursday, November 11, 2010

Wanna Go FASTER - The Art of Speed Sailing

I certainly do! I have now competed in a couple of speed events in Maui. I even made the trip to Molokai to check out a potential speed course protected by a shallow reef but fast speeds remain extremely elusive with my best 100m speed of 33.7 knots which I set back in August. Now back in Bahrain and with the desire to record my first open water 40 knots I decided to enlist the help of a couple of friends more familar with the art of speed sailing and asked them to give me their top secrets to going fast.

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Deep off the wind is fast but remember that you’ll need to have plenty of power, so rig big, very big. This image was generated using a real GPS speed track, the further the green line from the centre the faster the sailor was going. But be warned, go too far off the wind and your speeds will drop dramatically.

More to follow...

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