Wednesday, November 17, 2010

PWA Cabo Verde – First Action

The final PWA event of the year finally got going at 10.57 local time although it must be rather a frustrating day for all but one of the competitors as they wait for their chance to shine in the long man on man 30 minute heats. Thomas Traversa must be feeling rather happy with life after progressing in Heat #1, now he can sit back and relax as the others struggle to get enough wind to complete heats, while Sorlut must be wondering whether his contest is already over as it looks unlikely that the double elimination will ever get off the ground.

It is easy to see why Thomas Traversa made it through his heat, he's been enjoying the light winds, although that is not surprising his listed weight on his PWA profile is 61kg!

Heat #2 was on the water with Angulo leading Voget when the conditions worsened and the heat was cancelled. They’ll now have to stay on full alert on a short holding period until their heat is run. Those further down the order of play sailors can relax, not quite as much as Traversa but with some confidence that they will not be needed today.

More to follow…

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