Monday, November 22, 2010

Kauli's Quad - The Man Himself Explains All

It is amazing that how much a picture of or a few words from Kauli can create a stir, my post "Kauli's Odd Looking Quad'' commenting on a single picture snapped by JC in Cabo Verde is so far the most read post on this blog since it's creation.

While people are rushing out to buy the latest 2011 gear manufacturers are already looking towards 2012 designs and I wonder if we'll all be riding boards like this is 12 months time?

Enlarged view of the boards that have caused such a stir!

John Skye managed to ask Kauli a few questions about his latest quad designs.

"I managed to track Kauli down and ask him what the deal was with his funky tailed boards. He says the winger keeps the tail width narrow and allows him to really turn the board off the tail when he needs to get vertical. The swallow tail he said was to keep some drive through the tail, which has a lot of rocker. For me Kauli is the master of innovation. He is thinking so far ahead of everyone and has been since I first met him nearly 10 years ago. Even then he was experimenting with really short boards and whilst people laughed at them, see if you can find any board over 8'0 now! He had an off hand comment at the beach the other day that he couldn't sleep at all because he thought of something new to try... Who knows what it is, but if it works, expect the world to be following in his footsteps shortly!"

So there you have it sounds interesting. Thanks to John for passing on these comments.

More to follow...

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