Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sun, Wind, FreeSTYLE & GPS

It looks to be shaping up for a good fun weekend here in Bahrain with sun and wind. The weather has been a little odd recently with more rain than normal and rather cold (down to 14C over night and 18 in the days) but it looks like we'll be back to cruising in boardies soon enough.

Last weekend was fun with some good bump n jump, freestyle and a fun few speed runs at the wall. Unfortunately I only have my freestyle gear here at the moment so my 26 knots was rather below the potential. The tide was down a little too which meant that the flattest water is in a wind shaddow. This place is incredible though and will prodce serious speeds if I can get it all together.

This weekend I will be testing the latest Black Project FreeSTYLE 19cm which arrived on Tuesday, so more of that to follow...

I will try to get my GoPro out this weekend and upload some GPS tracks to map out where I go exploring.

More to follow...

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