Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Rigmarole - still the best ever!

This is one of the most iconic bits of windsurfing video ever produced... I remember being transfixed (alongside my brother) at the Neil Pryde stand at the London Boat show, was that 1990; wow I was 12 and wore a bright yellow and pink chest harness in those days (funny seems like thats almost back in fashion!) …

There were a few other bits of video that I watched over and over again in those early years in particular one of Robby getting trashed on the rocks at Ho’okipa (I will try to find a clip) and one of Dana Dawes at Diamond Head, Oahu… Enjoy!  

More to follow...

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  1. Nice thrusters on that clip! Full circle again... http://www.windsurfermag.com/magazine/windsurfing-thruster-fin-and-trifin-board-setups/?params=M3w2M3ww like your harness!