Sunday, February 20, 2011

Comp Time 2011: Bring It On!

Well it has been a difficult week here in Bahrain, I am sure that many of you have seen the pictures and video on TV. Just for the record we have been able to keep well away from any troubles and have been able to enjoy lovely sunny weather and even some wind on our island. Hopefully all is resolved soon; it is such a shame to see this tiny nation in such turmoil and my heart goes out to those injured and killed during this past week of upset.
Amwaj GoPro freestyle (one form of competition I will stay well away from!)

I thought that this little break from work would be a perfect time to have a look at my competition calendar for 2011. We will be here until the 15th July before moving to the US so my time is rather limited but it looks like I will be able to fit in a few events (more will follow in 2012) to get me back into the routine.

The first couple of events on my calendar are actually a non-windsurf event but one that will test me to the max for sure and the training is great for windsurf prep. Later in the year I will catch the tail end of the Maui Race Series, I had hoped to compete in more events but I will only be able to be at the last two (in fact the one on the 16th is unlikely because we will not be in Hawaii until late on the 15th after a 36 hour journey so not sure that is possible but I will try). Once these are completed it will be time to get back up to speed for the Maui VMax series while the wind blows in August and then time to switch codes and get ready for some jump and wave action on the American Windsurf Tour stops in Hatteras and Maui. There is also the possibility of a trip to the UK for the British Wavesailing Association’s Tiree event but lets see how the funds go but not been there before so could be fun and a good opportunity to hook up with my brother!

2011 Calendar of Events
  • 1st April 2011: Amwaj Triathlon, Anwaj Islands, Bahrain
  • 29th April 2011: BRR Duathlon, Al Jazir Beach, Bahrain
  • 16th July 2011: Maui Race Series, Kanaha, Maui
  • 30th July 2011: Maui Race Series, Kanaha, Maui
  • August 2011: Maui VMax Speed Series, Maui (Dates TBC)
  • 14th – 17th September 2011: AWT Hatteras Wave Jam, Cape Hatteras, NC
  • 8th – 14th October 2011: BWA Tiree, UK (Dates TBC)
  • 27th – 29th October 2011: AWT Maui Makani Classic, Ho'okipa Maui 

The next stage I guess is to work on some logistics and get training. I must admit that I turned my back on competition in my early 20s as I never really enjoyed it as much as being at Ho’okipa, this I admit was probably (almost certainly) a mistake that I don’t mind admitting. A decade or more has passed I do feel ready to throw my hat into the ring again and get out there for some serious competitive action, this might have something to do with the better locations that now seem to be on offer. One thing that the 2010 Maui Race Series taught me was just how tough it was going to be to get back into a competitive position at this later stage in my life, I will be 34 this year but there is plenty left in this ship yet it is just going to be very tough to keep up but I am ready for a challenge.

More to follow…

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