Monday, December 14, 2009

Project Kite

Since I last wrote about kites not much has happened on that front. Then last week after weeks of no wind I thought that I should step it up a bit and do somethng about it so I decided to learn to kite so that I am on the water a bit more. Rather than spend lots of hard earned cash - which needs to go on new windsurf gear I thought that it would make it interesting to see how cheaply I could get myself set up to kite. Watch out ebay!

So what do I need?
  1. 14m kite to suit Bahrains frequent 8-13 knots
  2. Bar and lines
  3. Board
  4. Boots - sharp rocks and glass are the norm
Step 1 find a kite - sorted! £61.23


 Step 2 Kite came without bar so find a bar and lines. Not sure what bar to get but seems that the North 5th Element bar is good.... sorted!

North 5th element 5 line bar £50 plus £10 P&P

Every kite needs a pump - £24.99

After the holes put in Carl's kite I think that a few DIY pactches are in order.

At only £3.50 a complete bargain.

That just leaves a board. I have been looking and am trying to keep the budget at under £150. There have been a few about on ebay but nothing perfect, looking for a 2007-2008 132-134cm board for under £150. Fingers crossed one will turn up in time.

So a total spend of £156.72 so far.

More to follow...

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  1. That's really good considering me spending 1100£, though I got a board and a kite harness aswell. Send me an update how you are doing and be safe, I find kite a bit scary still...all the cords you know.
    Speak soon,